COVID-19 Update

We realize this has been an extraordinary time for everyone, and Nazareth Orphanage is no different.  All of us care deeply about the children at the orphanage, and the Sisters are taking the situation seriously.  With the pandemic, the Sisters are doing everything they can to keep the children safe and healthy while providing what they need to thrive. Because of the pandemic and with schools closed, children with extended families have gone to be with them.  Employment has stopped in Mexico, for the most part. The Mexican government and local institutions are providing vouchers for goods as well as weekly deliveries of basic products to needy families. There are several organizations, some of them religious based, that are delivering food and clothes.

At this writing, all the children are healthy as far as we know.  They will come back to the orphanage before school starts again; however, the date for school to resume is unknown. It has been changed several times. The orphanage is in regular touch with the school via telephone.

Further update as of July 1st:  The Sisters are now calling each child on a weekly basis and are delivering food to the children since the work situation for many families has changed.  Most of the government support has been exhausted. The children feel the Sisters’ support and concern.

Further updates as of April 30, 2021:  The sisters are continuing to visit the children to make sure they have enough food. Mexico is administering vaccines but at a much slower pace than most countries. They have one of the highest case numbers of COVID in the world.