Decades of Caring

Nazareth Orphanage has been around for five decades serving the local community to bring about change and support for children. Learn about our story, our family and our vision for the orphanage.

Help is Our Goal

What Make Us Different

Our Mission

Outreach For Nazareth Orphanage (OFNO) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that works to support the fundraising and volunteer efforts which benefit all at-risk young boys and girls at the Nazareth Orphanage in Tecate, Mexico. OFNO’s efforts help the Sisters of the Sacred Heart and of the Poor to provide a safe home environment as well as other necessities needed to support the children.

Our Purpose

In 2017, realizing the ever-present danger of human trafficking of at-risk young girls, OFNO initiated a fundraising campaign “Girls Everywhere Matter” (GEM) to raise $250,000 for the development of additional campus facilities beginning with a dormitory and dining facility designed to accommodate up to 50 young orphaned girls for the first time at the Nazareth Orphanage in Tecate, Mexico. These facilities will provide the girls with the same safety and life-sustaining necessities as the orphaned boys.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to bring siblings together to build a strong educational foundation and provide a safe and spiritual home campus environment at the Nazareth Orphanage in Tecate, Mexico for young boy and girl orphans who are at risk for human trafficking. A sense of urgency exists since a small number of girls are already housed in temporary quarters at the orphanage. Together, with the help of OFNO, the Sisters of the Sacred Heart and of the Poor are dedicated to providing young boys and girls with the necessities of food, permanent shelter, clothing and education and helping the children develop the virtues of faith, hope, and love.

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Join us for our next Trip
on September 21, 2024

Volunteer with OFNO and Experience


Four Saturdays during the school year, OFNO volunteers travel to Nazareth Orphanage in Tecate, Mexico to participate in a day of volunteering alongside the children and Sisters. The daylong trips begin early morning and volunteers return to San Diego that same day. Volunteers help with maintenance projects such as gardening or painting the facilities. We are so grateful to those who assist, and no experience is necessary. Help us make a difference!

Our trips for this coming school year are scheduled for September 21, 2024 , November 16, 2024 , January 11, 2025 and March 29, 2025. (Note: Trips may be canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Please check our Website often for updated information.)

Join us for our next Trip on September 21, 2024

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